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Spice up Fruit Chaat with Indian Spices

09.February.2024 0 comments
Spice up Fruit Chaat with Indian Spices
Fruit salad is a refreshing mix of vibrant and juicy fruits, offering a delightful way to relish sweetness in every bite. Replace your boring fruit salad with a spicy fruit chaat. A fruit chaat that will entice your taste senses using Indian spices. The herbs work like magic to transform your plain fruit salad into a symphony of vibrant tastes.

Indian spices that are used in chaat masala

Red Chili Powder

Red chili powder has a fiery essence that gives the chaat masala a bright red color and intense heat. This is a staple spice that enhances the profile of your fruit chaat.

Cumin Seed Powder

Cumin seed powder (Ground Cumin Seeds) gives the chaat masala an earthy flavor. This Indian spice is not only famous for its taste, but it also adds a fantastic fragrance to the dish. Its addition to the other ingredients of chaat masala creates a perfect blend of spices to produce a tasty dish.

Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is another fantastic spice that balances the spiciness and earthiness of red chilies and cumin by introducing citrusy and herbal fresheners to the chaat masala. Its distinctive flavor adds complexity to the dish.

Amchoor Powder

Amchoor powder gives a tangy flavor to the chat masala. The zesty zing of mango powder works well with other spices to burst flavors.

Black Pepper

This staple spice gives the chaat masala a bold, peppery punch flavor. It enhances the spiciness, providing a dynamic taste.


Salt is the chaat masala's balancer that helps bring out the flavors of other spices and ingredients. By harmonizing the variety of tastes, it gives us a savory aroma.

Black Salt

Black salt is the game changer of chaat masala, giving an umami taste. Its unique flavor compliments the spiciness, giving an overall savory undertone.

What is Chaat masala?

Chefs and consumers like Indian spices because of their aromatic richness, which makes them the core ingredient for Indian cuisine. These extraordinary spices convert a plane dish into a flavourful culinary art. You can add the hot and spicy aroma of the red chili, the earthy flavor of cumin seeds, a citrusy touch of coriander, or the tanginess of amchur to produce an irresistible dish.

One of the most popular spice blends Indians use to produce flavourful dishes, such as fruit chaat, is a chaat masala. It is an irresistible mix of coriander, cumin, black pepper, and amchur, providing a rich and perfect balance of spice and tanginess.

How to Make Fruit Chaat?

Now that you know what chaat masala is, let's explore and find out how to create fruit chaat. This is a comprehensive list of all the items you will need to make some wonderful fruit chaat.

Wash, peel, and cut the fruit into medium-sized pieces. Now, take a big mixing bowl and add black salt, salt, pepper, coriander powder, chili powder, cumin powder, and amchur powder. You need to adjust the level of Indian spices according to the amount of fruit chaat you are making and your spice tolerance. Gently mix the fruits to ensure the spice evenly coats all the fruit. Now, you can look and smell the dish's flavor, enticing your senses. To complement the different spices' warmth, you can refresh the fruit chaat by refrigerating it for a while.

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